Maintenance Policy

The institute has a definite and systematic mechanism and procedures for maintaining and utilising physical, academic and support facilities- like building, laboratory, library,
computers, furniture, classrooms etc.
Institutional mechanisms for maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure, facilities and equipment of the college:

Building infrastructure: Generally as far as practicable for an aided institution affiliated to University of Mumbai, A constant effort is made to provide dedicated and secure space for equipment’s and tools. There is a College and Development Committee and Building and Infrastructure Committee to look after the maintenance, repair and constructional work related to the building. Construction, repair and maintenance of the main building and physical infrastructure like water, power supply and gas is looked after by this committee. All work is done through quotation and tender system as per standard norms. During all maintenance and up gradation work related to civil and electrical a supervisor is assigned by the college authority to verify the work done by the contractors. All minor faults are attended and repaired by hired technicians, carpenters, electrician, plumber etc. The college has an inverter power back up system for uninterrupted power supply. Maintenance of toilets and service areas are outsourced through various external agencies.

Computer & IT infrastructure: Maintains Dead Stock Register regularly to keep account of the non-functional equipment and infrastructure, like computers, printers, etc. Maintenance and up gradation is looked after by computer maintenance committee from time to time. Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for computers used in different departments as well as those used as a central facility like the Local Area Network (LAN), Wi-Fi is renewed regularly to ensure their good service.

Laboratory Equipment’s/ Machineries: Gas connection pipe line is checked regularly for any leakage by staff from Bharat gas technician. Maintains stock register by laboratory for keeping a list of chemicals, glassware and any other instruments used in the laboratory. Maintains Dead Stock Register regularly to keep account of the non-functional equipment and machineries etc. Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for different laboratory instruments, machines is done. The laboratory equipment is maintained at the departmental level by concern technician annually and/or whenever necessary.

Library Maintains: There is a Library Advisory Committee to look after general maintenance of the library in terms of reading material and library infrastructure. It facilitates the library development plans by advocating the library development activities with the management.

Furniture’s/ related items: There is staff to look after the maintenance and repair work of furniture and fixtures and other physical infrastructure. He brings into the notice of the authority the needs of repair work and certifies after the work has been completed.