About IQAC

As per the guidelines of UGC every accredited educational institution should establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a measure to maintain quality after NAAC accreditation. Since quality improvement is a continuous process, the internal quality assurance Cell becomes an integral part of the educational institution system. The internal quality assurance Cell works towards achieving the goals of quality improvement and sustainability. The main function of the internal quality assurance Cell within the college is to develop a system to bring about improvement in the overall performance of the college in a deliberate, consistent and catalytic manner. An Internal Quality Assurance Cell has been established in our college on 09/07/2010 as per UGC guidelines. IQAC is continuously striving for quality enhancement through various policies, practices and initiatives of the college. For this purpose, IQAC undertakes various activities, monitors progress, introduces new methods and promotes and encourages teaching faculty for research. IQAC is fully aware for quality collaborative initiatives to meet the primary need of education in the contemporary scenario. IQAC strives to institutionalize various methods, strategies and structures that have helped in the continuous evaluation of various activities of the college.


  • Achieving academic excellence in the college.
  • To work on the strategy to ensure the implementation of the objectives to build the college that will stand as a beacon a light in the field of learning.
  • To Encouraging measures for Promoting institutional performance for quality enhancement.

Vision & Mission


  • To develop a quality culture to achieve and sustaining institutional excellence.
  • To Ensuring a quality culture and aiming for overall excellence at the organizational level.
  • To Promoting a quality culture by institutionalizing and internalizing all quality enhancement and sustainability initiatives.


  • To develop a quality academic culture in the college.
  • To develop a deliberate, consistent and catalytic system aimed at improving the academic and administrative performance of the college.
  • Preparation of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) and submission to NAAC as per guidelines and parameters in relation to NAAC of UGC.
  • To act as the nodal agency of the college for coordinating quality related activities including adoption and dissemination of best practices.
  • Organize and analyze feedback from students, parents and other stakeholders on quality-related college processes and prepare action taken reports.
  • Conducting intra and inter college workshops, seminars on quality related topics and promoting quality circles.
  • Development and maintenance of institutional database through Management Information Systems (MIS) for the purpose of maintenance and enhancement of college quality.


  • To create a student-centered environment for holistic learning with a view to achieving academic and administrative excellence.
  • To strengthen industry-academia linkages with a view to promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative research keeping the interests of the college and students at the fore.
  • To enhance the quality of faculty and staff by encouraging holistic faculty development.
  • To promote measures for organizational functioning for the purpose of quality enhancement.
  • Determining future action plan based on feedback taken from various stakeholders.
  • To Promotion of research culture among Faculties and students.
  • To Dissemination of information on various parameters of high educational quality.


  • To act as the nodal agency of the college for quality related activities.
  • To disseminate information regarding various quality parameters of higher education.
  • To promote workshops, seminars, conferences and quality boards on topics related to quality enhancement.
  • To encourage all faculties to document various programs related to quality improvement.
  • Preparation related to AQAR every year.
  • Completion of NAAC assessment and accreditation process by preparing all documents required for NAAC assessment and accreditation.
  • To Developing quality standards for various academic and administrative activities of the college.


  • High level of clarity and focus in organizational functioning for quality enhancement.
  • Ensuring internalization of quality culture.
  • To ensure growth and integration of various activities and good practices of the college.
  • To provide proper basis for decision making to improve organizational functioning.
  • Acting as a dynamic system for quality changes in colleges.
  • Developing an organized system of documentation and internal communication.
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Quality Audits

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Quality Indicator

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AISHE Certificate

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Academic and Administrative Audit

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Gender Audit

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Green Audit

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Energy Audit

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Environment Audit

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DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

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Future plans

  • Launching multiple certificate courses like transport, skill development, import, export and processing.
  • Starting professional courses
  • We are planning to build a new building near the said building as the college building is not enough. The new building will be completed in the next five years.
  • Efforts will be made to take the help of stakeholders to introduce new add on courses and career building courses considering the progress of the students.
  • In the near future, the process of college 2F and 12B will be completed with the UGC.
  • We will start M. Com, BAF courses by following the necessary procedures for new courses with the University.
  • We will try to get practical knowledge for the students by contacting the nearby industries
  • Various courses will be taken to improve communication skills in English among the students.
  • Efforts will be made to update the labs of the science department – chemistry and microbiology in the college.
  • Efforts will be made to increase the number of books and capacity of reading room in the college library.
  • Interdisciplinary skill-based courses will be introduced.
  • Intention to update the computer room.
  • Development of parking area by properly allotting it.
  • To provide appropriate guidance and facilities to the students for research work. 16. Initiating skill development courses for students.