About The Library

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Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) Library is the heart of the organization or institute. Library plays a vital role in the development of students as well as the faculty members. Library is trinity of user, staff members & resources. Library built collection and creates tools to the support teaching and learning. To provide better service to its user’s S.E.S. Shikshan Maharshi Dadasaheb Limaye College, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai has established own library in 1998 for students as well as for faculty members. The S.M.D.L. College, library is centrally located on 1st floor, near Principal office. There is a provision of separate reading room for boys and girls student. Library is enriched with reference books and textbooks, periodical, journal and newspapers. Library provides e-library facilities to student and all faculty members. Library is equipped with CCTV camera, Wi-Fi, Internet, LAN, New arrival display, fire safety provision and guideline for smoother and convenient movement of good services for users. The library has open access to its collection for all student, faculty and staff. The S.M.D.L. College, library consistently supports the teaching, research and extension programmes of the college.
VISION MISSION AND OBJECTIVES Mission: “Promote Intellectual growth and creativity by developing collections, facilitating access and effective use of information resources” Vision: Library aims to be best among academic college libraries in this reason, Library intends to incorporate the latest technology and adopt user friendly approach towards students and faculty. Library intends to offer comprehensive services related to dissemination of knowledge.


  • To provide timely and qualitative information services to our users.
  • To assist the users in upgrading their knowledge / skills in making proper use of library resources and services.
  • To promote contineous access to information and knowledge to the students and faculty.
  • To enable faculty members, students and other users of the library to become better informed in their field of specialization.
  • To promote information literacy and e-learning.